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It is vital to understand your casting  in a realistic way so that we can fine  tune and guide your shots to target  your career objective. I am happy to discuss any specific  questions that you may have  regarding your session



Bring a laptop (if you have one) or a 16 gig 3.0 USB flash drive so that I can upload your photos onto your computer afterward. Sometimes older flash drives can take up 60 to 90 minutes to upload.

Also think about liquids and snacks that keep your energy up during the course of the day.  

 I have excellent heat and air conditioning.





Please do mix up the necklines. Every different neckline will change the shape of your face so definitely come with an array of tops so that we can have the luxury to pick and choose. Think about scoop necks, button downs, zipper necks, hoodies, crew, halter tops and narrow V's. Always avoid a wider     V that might make you appear naked when cropped in tighter. The same applies to plunging tank tops. They can work for a 3/4 look but not a head shot as it distracts the focus from your eyes. Bring a variation of sleeve lengths for wider shots and play with the idea of a layered look.

Another important footnote for women is to remember to bring the rights bras, one that is smooth and matches your skin tone as much as possible so that it doesn't show through a shirt and divert attention from your face. I think that every woman should bring a pair of heels  that not only lifts your height, but lifts your self confidence as well. Many people still believe that it is wise to keep it simple in the jewelry and hat department rather than over clutter your shot with too many distractions. This, of course, is a very personal choice.

Clothes alone won't make the shot, but the wrong choice can very well break the shot! Always remember that certain clothing items may work better in real life than they translate onto camera, so it is a good idea to bring a large assortment and range of wardrobe to your shoot.

While considering your options, always keep your casting in mind and make sure that your selections work towards your marketing objectives, especially if you are trying to capture specific character looks. These days, the majority of your shots should be tighter head shots that need to stand out in a smaller "thumbnail " format for online submissions.

I am not at all opposed to doing 3/4 shots as well, but your primary focus should really be on the upper part of your body. With the wonderful world of color at our fingertips, you should contemplate brighter or bolder colors as well as earth tones or a more subtle or subdued color scheme. I am huge fan of black and I do not discourage white or cream. Solids are always going to work better than the distraction of busy prints unless you are specifically going for an "out there" character shot.

Do consider the idea of texture, which is another way to add richness to a shot. A sample of textured fabrics might include: knitted sweaters, thermals, denim, corduroy, leather or suede. This is not essential for all of your looks, but I am a believer in variety.  


I have excellent heat and air-conditioning so don’t limit yourself to seasonal wardrobe choices. During the summer months don’t confine yourself to tanks or short sleeves and do think about including sweaters, jackets and long sleeve tops.

Womens Wardrobe
Mens Wardrobe


In general, men look better in darker colors that tend to photograph with more impact and masculinity. Do mix up darker tones with some vivid bright choices and remember that every different neckline will alter the shape of your face. Consider a combination of tee shirts, a narrow V neck, crew necks , button down collar shirts and hoodies for the younger guys. A sweater or pullover with a zipper neck that adjusts is an excellent casual look for men that really focuses on the eyes and de-emphasizes  the mouth or neck area.

I am always interested in pulling the attention to your eyes . Also contemplate  "outer wear", jackets (both casual and formal) that can be layered with shirts or sweaters.


1549 11th St #200 (at Colorado) Santa Monica, 90401.

Park in the back in space #5 or #6.There is an alley between 11th st. and 12th st. that will access the parking lot. Enter through the rear gated entrance of the building and go up the stairs.

Studio Location
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