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In a Santa Monica studio, only a short distance from the beach, she continues to hone her craft by blending a unique talent for lighting with the amazing people skills that allow her to capture the personality and charisma of her subjects.

Although she specializes in commercial and theatrical headshots of actors, the Bader Howar portfolio also includes those in the world of fashion, music, journalism and the corporate arena. Numerous examples of her work have been published in newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and abroad.

With 20 plus years of experience, Bader Howar is a premiere Los Angeles photographer.

Bader originally hails from Washington D.C. After majoring in drama and photography at Bennington College in Vermont, she studied extensively in New York City, first under the renowned Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse Theater, and later as a founding member of the Neighborhood Group Theater. 

When relocated to Los Angeles, she performed in both television and film dramas until making the natural transition from acting to photography. Having appeared before the camera lent a keener sensibility to operating behind the camera.


Such an unusual dual experience provides Bader’s ever-deepening instinct for knowing precisely when and how to zero the lens into that illusive but essential certain something in the eyes of her subjects. This unerring ability to delve beneath the surface for a person's true strength and essence has made more than a few Hollywood agents and studio executives immediately recognize a Bader Howar photo.  

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