All successful photo shoots are a collaborative effort, which demands each session be specifically designed to cover the particular needs that will best advance the client’s career.  Once those goals are clearly defined, a competent photographer’s sole aim is to compile a wide variety of visual options to choose from.

My overall photo philosophy is obvious: If you don’t look great then neither do I. Occasionally a bit of retouching or color tweaking is necessary to perfect the finished product, but after more than a decade and a half of professional photography, I’ve learned that too much artificial enhancement is a turn off.  


My primary purpose, of course, is to deliver headshots which will veritably leap from the computer or a printed resume and help you land the right role or job. This is largely accomplished by a compelling photograph that subtly reflects your entire persona: face, body, character, and soul. A few friendly smiles also help, but I’ll draw those out of you, too… free of charge!

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Or write to me with any questions.

- Bader