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Two looks in two hours. This is for the individual or actor who knows exactly what specific looks he or she needs and just wants to supplement or fill out their current portfolio of shots. 

Average retouching price is $20 per image.


Offers four to six plus looks in approximately four hours. Easily captures the full gamut of your personality and casting options for actors. Offers various wardrobe, hair, makeup, and location changes. Highly recommended for those in need of a complete update, someone who is just starting out, or has recently changed their appearance and needs a large variety of looks that can cover both commercial and theatrical casting or for personal use. 


Retouched images are $20 each.

SOCIAL MEDIA / CORPORATE PACKAGES AVAILABLE  at discounted rates (starting at $250 for 1 look includes 150 images plus 1 optimized image). Need shots for online dating, LinkedIn, Facebook or just a straight forward corporate or business shot. 1 hour shoot time. Must arrive camera ready.


Optional Hair and make artists are available for a fee of $200 for 3 hours- $50 per hour additional. I usually do light make up for men at no extra charge.  

Cash, check, Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle are accepted.

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